I don’t think I’m overstating the case to say that last night’s third presidential debate showed the absolute unfitness of both major candidates to become president.

Hillary’s view of the role of the Supreme Court is frightening.  No, the Court was never intended to be another legislative arm.  It wasn’t meant to side with anyone, but only to interpret without bias or prejudice the Constitution of the United State.  That means that sometimes the Court will make decisions that don’t settle with me emotionally, even though I can see the legal and accurate reasoning.  It was made clear that Hillary views the Court as yet another tool to enact and enforce her liberal agenda.

In addition, who could not be sickened by Hillary’s pro-abortion stance?  Her acceptance of abortion at all stages, including late-term, should be horrifying to one and all.  Unfortunately, I know it isn’t, but her willingness to go against the tide of public opinion on the subject of late-term abortions shows just how radical she is on the subject.

Of course there was the typical Hillary bob and weave regarding the substance of the WikiLeak emails.  Any other Republican candidate would have been able to go after her on this issue, which surely is one of her greatest vulnerabilities, and destroyed her chances for victory.  Unfortunately we don’t have any other Republican candidate, but have the one man with more baggage than any major airline on the busiest travel day of the year.

Donald Trump managed to begin the debate seeming fairly normal, but that never lasts for him.  As normal he all too soon devolved into typical Trump, a man clearly without an iota of appropriate temperament to hold the highest office in the land (and have his finger anywhere near the red button!).

Like Hillary, Trump engaged in lies and spin that were mind-boggling.  His claim that nobody appreciates women more than he does was ridiculous on its face.  His claim of being ardently prolife is specious at best, for he is on record repeatedly embracing the absolute most extreme positions on abortion.

Another problem with Trump was his total vacuity on foreign policy.  One has to wonder if he has truly looked beyond the fact that Putin has said nice things about him when looking at situations abroad.  The thought of having such an ill-informed man at the helm is frightening.  My husband and I used to laugh and say that Bill Clinton (and later Obama) gained all their foreign policy credentials by eating at the International House of Pancakes.  Clearly Trump is even worse than that.

Trump’s sophomoric response to whether or not he’d accept the results of the election was merely a bit of posturing for a man who seems to bask in his pompous and thuggish image.  Do I think some of his followers will attempt to thwart the outcome using Trump’s words as their excuse? Sure.  Do I think Trump was truly trying to incite violence when he loses? No.  Let’s face it, that would do his brand no good and Trump TV would be stuck with only the most radical of his supporters as viewers!

Bottom line on the debate: Hillary was frightening and horrific, Trump was frightening and atrocious, and only Chris Wallace came away looking good.


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